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Hello Dolly Manicure.

Hello,Dolly! Neglected overworked hands will be lookin'swell in no time with sweet and spicy manicure combo.It's a delectable treat that includes ginger,clove,honey,sugar,and orange. You'll be glowin and goin' strong after a manicures soak,scrub,masque,and moisturizer application.


Serene Scene Aromatherapy Manicure.

Cuticle treatment, hand scrub and arm massage, and polish (wet or dry).Pampered with aromatherapy oils.


Weak and thin nail treatment

A natural look for nails that are recovering from trauma including: cuticle treatment, buffing, filling, and nail protein.


Spa Manicure

Come enjoy a cuticle treatment, customize scrub and masque, paraffin hand masque, and a deluxe hand and arm massage.


Blackberry Addict

For frequent texters who are always on the go!


Diabetic Manicure

Special soak to soften skin,file shape and massaged.


Age Defying Collagen Manicure.

This begin with this intensive collagen treatment with a nail soak to soften cuticles, scrub then massage hands with a collagen ampoule.To finish. wrap hands and place in warming mitts.The emanating heat helps the powerful anti-aging properties of the collagen absorb into the skin.Working wonders for your hands.


Shellac Two Weeks Manicure .

Polish that last two weeks or more.


Serene Scene short and Sweet Pedicure.



Serene Scene Pedicure.



Serene Scene Spa facial pedicure.



Serene Scene Manicure and Pedicure combo.

A wonderful hour long pampering services.


Serene Scene Spa Facia Pedicure and Manicure Combo

A wonderful service. Foot mask with a exfoliation, leg and foot massage. Little bit of reflexology and a aromatherapy manicure.


Chocolate Hershey Spa Cupcake Pedicure.

Indulge your senses with this calorie-free treat! Sample chocolate mint or chocolate cake for a decadent pedicure that leaves your feet smooth and silky.Excellent for dehydrated feet or achy legs and feet.


Yummy Herbal Cupcake Pedicure Spa Treat.

Pedicure Cupcakes are a completely unique full size hand held treat that can be used to soften the skin on any part of your body. They leave the skin feeling hydrated and silky smooth so you can use them for all occasions, not just pedicures. Yummy Pedicure Cupcakes Treats are made with 100% sweet almond oil and Aromatherapy oils and Epsom salt along with a few other natural water softening properties to completely nourish the skin. Try one your feet will be happy!


Morning Coffee Spa Cupcake Pedicure.

Dip your toes in a cup of Joe! This stimulating pedicure harnesses the power of coffee,peppermint,and tea tree oil to help nourish and moisturize your feet. Let its fragrance brew an uplifting mood.


"Toe Talley" Pamper Pedicure.

Your toes will know how much you love them...and so will your feet and legs! Dead Sea salt and mud and essential oils offer a complete restorative treatment,leaving you feeling pampered and ready to face the world!


Sweet Feet Pedicure.

Sugar! Ah,honey,honey! These sweet ingredients exfloliate rough skin and moisturize it,while fragrant essential oils help relax and cheer you. You'll feel like singing!


Peppermint Patti Day Dream.

This rejuvenating treatment will help reduce swelling, rejuvenating tired,swollen feet.Sweet refreshment for weary feet, these sensational treatments cool and re-energize with a blast of cooling peppermint. Soak,scrub,masque,and massage cream-mmm,they're almost good enough to eat!


Ruby Red Slippers.

Dreamy scrub and massage oil will carry you away from the everyday wear and tear your feet endure. Soothing rose petals and stimulating grapefruit,blended with natural Jojoba oil,relax and refresh. You'll be clicking your heels after these wonderful treatment!


Crown Princess Facial Spa Pedicure.

Cuticle and callus treatment, customize scrub and masque, warm paraffin masque, and deluxe foot and leg massage with herbal pillow therapy (Oooo, la la ).


Runner or Jogger Pedicure.

Tea tree soak with callous treatment, customize scrub and masque, leg and foot massage with heated herbal pillow


Beautiful Expecting Mommy Pedicure..

Lavender and sea salt soak, cuticle and callous treatment,foot scrub, and customize masque. Mommy will feel relaxed and pampered followed by a leg and foot massage with a heated herbal pillow.


Flip Flop Facial Spa Pedicure

This marvelous pedicure is particulary good for aging skin and nails that are weak and neglected. It will leave the feet feeling stimulated and refreshed and ready for flip flops and strappy sandles.Service includes lemongrass foot soak and citrus scented scrub,masque and moisturizer.featuring lime,orange essential oils.Its a tropical treat for your feet!


Serene Scene Microdermabrasion Spa pedicure.

Includes a Spa facial pedicure with Microdermabrasion for removing dead skin on feet.


Cleopatra Milk and Honey Soak Pedicure.

Focus-Dry,dehydrated skin. Known Contraindications-Allergy to milk products. Consumer Menu Description-,take a classic beauty tip from Cleopatra,who recognized the benefits of milk and honey bath for the skin:This creamy bath mixture will help nourish and moisturize with cream and honey powers,ideal for dry,dehydrated skin. And a nice soak is always good therapy,guaranteed to sooth and lift spirits.


Medical Spa Pedicure.

SERENE SCENE MEDICAL PEDICURE:Treat yourself to wonderful medical pedicure:Excellent for runners,joggers,or people with just aching sore feet.Products used are 1.Balsamic herbal oils alleviates aching feet and revitalises tired feet also helps with sore sweaty feet. 2.Medical callus cream -skin friendly lipids protects and strengthen the skin rendering it supple.3.Medical protective nail and skin oil protects against fungal infections and nail and skin regains its elasticity and beauty.4.Cracked skin solution callused,brittle dry and rough dry feet helps with softening cracks.


Serene Scene Bath Tea Pedicure.

BATH TEA SPA PEDICURE! 1.DRY SKIN; Slippery Elm Bark,Peach Leaf,Calendula Flower,Chickweed Herb,Acacia Herb. 2.RELAXING; Linden Flower,Jasmine,Passion Flower,Chamomile. 3.ROSES & ROSES & ORANGES CHEERING; Orange Peel,Rose Petals, Cinnamon Bark Flower. 4.STIMULATING BATH HERBS;Eucalyptus Leaf, Rosemary Leaf,Wintergreen Leaf,Lemongrass,Peppermint Leaf. 5.SWEAT-DETOX;Catnip Leaf & Flower,Peppermint Leaf,Yarrow Flower,Elder Flower,Hyssop Herb.


Sports Manicure

Trim, file, buff, cuticle treatment, and a hand and arm massage.


Sports Pedicure

Trim, file, cuticle treatment, and leg and foot massage followed by a paraffin masque and scrub.


Kick Off Pedicure

Overworked and tired. Football players and armchair quarterback,alike will appreciate this stimulating pedicure for men. Pumice exfoliates while peppermint and spearmint relieve fatigue and refresh tired feet. You'll be back in the game when the whistle blows! includes a Beer or a glass of Wine and daily sports paper to read.


Weekend Warrior Men's Pedicure

This stimulating Peppermint and a Lavender pedicure will help rejuvenate the weary warrior's feet. From the effervescent soak to the revitalizing Mask moisturizer,the male clients will enjoy this stimulating treatment. Overworked and weary. Glass of wine or beer offered.


Beautiful french Polish

A wonderful natural look on nails.


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